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Rachie Annie
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teehee. so this post is about cars and what happens when the car decides that no matter what - it's not going to hit 200000 miles. Yup. It starts on fire. Yeah. Excitement.

This is what my poor car looked like after the fire. LIke the dork I am, I took my camera out of my bag the night before.

The best is this engine. Er, I mean where the engine used to be...

Yup, my little blue car died. It was at 199947 miles. So close yet so far. I know you're all asking. How are you getting to work now? Oh, let me share the pretty! Mom and dad found me a new car. Those of you who know the parentals know that they're notorious for picking crap cars. Or at least for used ones. So I'm going to their house to drop of the Laura-mobile I was borrowing when mom calls and said they're looking at a car for me. I'm figuring great, some cheesy 4-door that screams mom and dad picked this out. Then mom calls and says, come up to the dealership. Ok. i'm thinking the worst. Mom says they're bringing the car up for me to test drive. ok..... and up pulls this.

I was like, are they serious? Yeah. Handles like a dream. Almost perfect condition. A 2000 Chevrolet Z24 convertible with only 51957 miles on it. Mom paid cash and I'm paying her back using the MRLP (Mom repayment loan program) It's in my name. Title and license. Yay for the pretty. Here's some more pictures to show how spiffy my new car is.

so shiny and pretty. I kept getting glare

graphite and red interior. built in cd player. yup

That's me! Apparently WI DOT decided I'm a MSY

Yay! Finally a great car that is like a dream come true. Yeah, i'm a dork.

I also cut the mop. It's shorter now and still red. I took a picture of that too.

Well, off to do whatever. Have a great day!

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It's a sucky disease.

I called my Granny to wish her a Happy St Patty's day like I do every year. This year was a little worse than last year. Last year she went on this tangent about jello. This year she had trouble remembering my name. She said something to me that I think I'll always remember. "I may not always remember your name, but I'll always know who you are." It's hard. I mean, one day she was this super strong independent lady and the next thing I know she's forgetting more and more. I'd love to believe her, but I know that there will come a day that she won't remember who I am. There'll be that day where she says "Who are you?" Then will be the day where there's nothing but a blank look. I know what to expect. It just sucks. She's my last Grandparent. The only one I've had for a while now. I talk to her occasionally and don't get to see her as often as I'd like, but she's still my Granny, ya know?

I used to feel for people who had someone in their lives with this sucky disease. Now, I'm the one, and I don't know how to feel.

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I got to talk to this guy today with a British accent and man o man - accents rock!

Or at least i pretend very well to be. Hello from the evilness known as a Mac computer . . . aka the "Hot Pad" in the Tier department. Yup. I moved to tier. In january. I spent all sorts of fun in training. With the guys. Who have strange obsessions with hot dogs and other extraneous things. Like Chuck Norris. And World of Warcraft. Yup. Guys.

Nothing really new to report in my world. Still living alone. My garage door doesn't work. It sucks monkey ass. And i've been uber hyper for the past 2 days . . . .

Ok, back to helping people figure out where the any key is. Or the address bar. Or the start button. Yes. Awesomeness!

Ciao for now.

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'm still alive. Barely. Um, I dyed my hair again.

I got another new cell phone - yay techy stuff.

Work is good. I like free cable

Um, I live alone again, yet my couch is in the garage.

Boys are silly and I can break them.

'm bored.

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Happy birthday Jessie!!!! Dude, you're old!

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So I've been thinking. Who are all the guys in ITS? If I go through and figure out who knows about the stalker thing . . . or who might. This should narrow the field down. Though I promised not to try and figure it out . . . the logical side of my brain is telling me to do it! But this is as far as I'm going. Someone on that list is the famous anymouse5. No one else was here or knew. Unless someone was sneaky and is reading from elsewhere. . . grrrness.

John Carroll - YUP
Michael Lovell - he might
Jeremy Merkel - YUP
Dan Peterson - YUP
Jed Regan - YUP
Justin Ropella - Yup, but he's not my "stalker"
Robert Rust - Not sure
Luke Schloesser - YUP
Kyle Thompson - YUP
Stephan Weissmann - YUP

Tell you what mr anymouse5 - i'll behave for now. I could narrow the field more. Trust me. I hate secrets. If you do something - and you know what - I'll let it slide. There's that whole, you knew how to look up heffalumps IP address . . . tsk tsk. Sloppy. I have my suspicions.

Ok, since it's now midnight thirty one and i should be sleeping, i'm going to close my eyes and sleep.

Yes, this is public cuz anymouse can't read my journal, unless said anymouse is one of 2 people. night all and trust me - my brain is working overtime.

more later. ciaoness!

(unless anymouse5 is a girl, then that changes everything in so many ways)

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Those of you not on my friends list may have noticed many of my entries disappear. They're still there, just locked away from prying eyes. I'm used to posting what i want because I don't like to hide much of my life from people. I've met a lot of random people who read my journal and commented. I've threatened to do this before and now is the time. From here on out I will have a mostly friends only journal. I might post things public that i want to share, but, in the long run, I feel violated.

Granted I was talking about someone in my journal - nothing bad - but I didn't really want him to read it. Nor the other people that may have read it. It was my place to get advice and to vent. Now I hear he's read it all. So, Mr 72.26 - you know everything. It's sad that i have to lock this now. I think I told you that I didn't want to tell you where this was. I never said you couldn't try to find it, but I purposely didn't give you clues. Did you enjoy reading about my crazy life? If you use anything that you read to get a negative reaction from me, I will be really pissed. If you have any comments - you know where to find me.

Anywho, I'm off to continue locking down the fort. Those of you that aren't on my friends list and want to continue reading please send me an email and I'll see about adding you. don't comment because it'll be easier with the emailage.

More later. Ciao.

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So I have an ITS stalker . . . someone come clean and admit who you are since you've obviously found me. I hate not knowing. (JED)

As said stalker has found me, i have to go make all my entries friends only until i know who said stalker is . . . and plus if SEW finds out who I am there could be trouble. . . . (OH SHIT)

Ok, more later. Ciao.


I am so fucked. Apparently someone did find my journal and mentioned the fact that they read it all. Oh Gods!!! Please let me climb into a hole and die. I kept saying there's nothing about this person . . . again, let me crawl into a hole and die. . .

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Ask me 5 questions. I will answer the 5 questions honestly, or mostly honestly...

In turn, post this to your journal and we shall do the same.

"They're fluffity, they're puffity, 1...2...3...4...5..."

or as U2 would say: uno, dos, tres, quatorce, quince!

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